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At Ameasia Federal Credit Union we offer our customer complete banking and securities services. We bring to you the right services from the best providers. We are specialist in tailoring the need for our valued customers. If you are doing business you know how difficult it is to make a profit .You must constantly be aware of the best ways to run your business, so that the profit ends up in your pocket and not in the vaults of the bank's departments or with your competitors.

The race is to the swift and the knowledge - that's where Ameasia Federal Credit Union can help. Ameasia Federal Credit Union offers international clients - both private and corporate - confidential offshore banking services. We are your worldwide leading provider of such services.

Don't wait any longer - you can initiate any offshore banking transaction process you want right here and now!

Ameasia Federal Credit Union can help your business obtain an offshore secrecy and confidential status. Internet Offshore Banking Centre is maintained by Ameasia Federal Credit Union. We offer you an option of banking electronically with different banks of your choice that best fit your needs. We have a team of internationally trained and diversified group of experts offering advice and services to individuals, businesses and institutions. Our company is a highly efficient worldwide business specializing in financial and securities services. Our worldwide team will help you manage and utilize offshore structure to your best advantage. We are dedicated to providing like-minded individuals and companies the best in offshore advice, products, and useful privacy related services for highly confidential business. We are also able to make referrals to a number of other closely allied organizations, mostly prime banks.

At this time, both direct and indirect taxes are accounted of, the government of most industrialized nations collect well in excess of 50% of all we earn: yet persistently say that taxes are lower than ever: believe that and you'll believe anything!

That's why we have a situation where virtually every one who is either self employed, owns and runs a business or has family money, needs to move offshore to protect both assets and income. In one way our philosophy is very simple - to pay. The least tax ourselves and to help others do the same! It's not we're against all taxes per se, but there are limits to what we will take!

We provide you with complete confidentiality to protect your assets.

We are the offshore professionals: We live offshore: We have full understanding of offshore financial needs of successful individuals and the requirement of active business enterprises. We insure your beneficiary unrestricted access to your estate, exactly as it is without any deductions.

Our electronic banking sector can introduce the Ameasia Federal Credit Union client to 100% Internet offshore services.



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